EdC2 Education Consulting & Communications

Specializing in Reviewing and Enhancing Your Faculty Development Programs

EdC2 Education Consulting & Communications

Services We Provide

  • Reviews of faculty development centers/programs
  • High-energy workshops on pedagogy
  • Focus groups of your faculty and students
  • Online teaching start-up blueprints
  • Reviews of communication tools, such as CTL websites
  • Workshops on faculty-student communication
  • Cultural competency workshops for faculty
  • Brainstorming of new ideas and directions

About Us

With over 50 combined years of experience in higher education, public relations, and journalism, EdC2 can analyze part or all of your faculty development efforts and then provide an assessment that is succinct and highly readable – and that contains specific action steps for improvement or sustained success. Reports can be tailored for any internal or external audience that you designate. We can also present results or instructive workshops on site, with presentations for you, your department, your board of trustees, or any other group you’d like us to address.

Our Guiding Principles

Listening. Too often, consultants impose their preferences on a client, without really listening to what the client needs and wants. We come in with an open mind and back it up with the patience to clearly hear and weigh the voices that are pertinent within your organization.

Promptness. Just like learning is enhanced when instructors provide students with prompt feedback on tests and assignments, we believe that client needs are best met and understood when given prompt attention. So we won’t let your work languish.

Attention to Detail. Our commitment to providing a quick turn-around doesn’t mean we sacrifice attention to detail. We’re committed to quality, which means exactness in what we do and write.

Satisfaction. If you don’t like the service we provide, we’ll refund your money.

Our Qualifications

EdC2 is a new business operated by Dave Kaszuba and Beth Fantaskey, a Ph.D. husband-and-wife team whose work has been featured in academic journals and leading newspapers, as well as on television and prominent websites. Places where their individual work has been presented or featured (prior to their founding of EdC2) include: The Chronicle of Higher Education, conferences of the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD) and the International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning (ISETL), Publishers Weekly, Good Morning America, the Chicago Tribune, Editor and Publisher, Woman’s World magazine, Journalism History, and American Journalism.

Dave Kaszuba
Dave is an associate professor of communications at Susquehanna University, where he serves as the director of the university’s Center for Teaching and Learning and its academic Summer Program, a dual role in which he has guided the expansion and professionalization of online course offerings across the university. He is a former deputy press secretary in the Office of the Governor of Pennsylvania and has familiarity with education policy and regulations. He has written extensively about media history as well as contemporary public relations practice.

Beth Fantaskey
Beth, who spent 15 years as a political speechwriter and public relations specialist in the Pennsylvania Senate before beginning an adjunct teaching career, is the author of four young-adult books published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, including the 2014 release Buzzkill. She is the former director of the Jimirro Center for Public Policy at Penn State University and a frequent contributor to newspapers and magazines. She has provided public relations services in higher education, both in the United States and abroad.
Dave_edc2@yahoo.com 570. 768.1776